what is the difference between a good replica and shabby replica?


shabby replica are usually using a small Asian size. for instance, the size would be from m l xl xxl xxxl even xxxxl . that is the indicator of cheap replica but the product that we offer is close to original sizing. if the original size is big, ours will be big as well. for example, Heron Preston original was big and intended to be worn oversize. so our heron preston will be big as well


shabby replica using a very ordinary material which you can obtain on any replicas stores.( this part is hard to perceive. you need to see it, touch and feel the product itself) some customer are able to recognize with numerous encounters of purchasing replica. If you buy any of our balenciaga hoodie . the material is very thick and heavy cotton like original. Cheap replica will often look like normal hoodie. that is why the majority of our product is more expensive than average replica shop.

velvet motif on LV tshirt


small detail of the product. for instance, some original product are utilizing uncommon material. some are using velvet material. some are using embroidery details, some are using stitching. some have a hole in a particular place. some are using special leather for details. you can't discover this detail in shabby replicas. cheap replicas are often made from an ordinary material and ordrinary detaisl. since it is cheap, the factory didn’t invest much time and money for culminating on a product details as we mention above. the stitching might use a basic normal machine, they might change the velvet to normal printing to save some cash.

offwhite hoodie laces


you might have discovered a slightly different color in some shabby replica. since there is a bunch of colors, some cheap replica factory just didn't put much effort into it since they are aiming for cheaper production cost but not the quality. for example, some product colors are dark greyish, a rare color. cheap factory might just be using the closest color for the product . But, we are different, we put effort into finding the right material. once we found the right material and color. we will begin to produce it.

this is a couple reasons why our production cost is high.

we put tremendous effort to every piece of our product.

perfection need time and effort

time and effort will cost more.

quality+ detail= Price.

if you are searching for good replicas, congratulation! You have come to the right place.

if you are searching for shabby replicas, you might want to find another shop.

thank you and have a good day!


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