Updated: Apr 27, 2019

Since most of our products sizing is in EU size (very similar sizing to the authentic one). some customers may find it a bit tricky to get the right size. for example Balenciaga, Givenchy, Offwhite, Heron Preston, Supreme. Those brands biggest size can be worn up to 120 Kg (fit , not oversize and not too tight) . And some brands like Gucci , Lv, Kenzo, Dior, Saint Laurent biggest size can be worn up to 95 kg (fit, not oversize)

our recomendation:

below 68 kg 1.7 m wear size S (or the smallest size)

69 kg - 78 kg 1.7 m wear size M

79 -95 kg 1.7 m wear size L (or get the biggest size)

95 kg above please do contact us. some product sizing is small ,some product is big sizing .

NOTE* all of the recommendation above are not 100 percent accurate. but we can say 90 percent .

If you guys have an authentic clothes, you will notice that our sizing is very similar to authentic one. so if you are hesitating which size to choose, shoot us some email or contact our whatsapp for more fast respond. We will be very pleasant to help you to choose the right size. Many customer are asking us that why don't we provide each clothes sizing guide?

because we sell Thousands of product, more than 25 brands. it’s hard to measure every clothing model, every sizes in detail.

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